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Excerpt from Re-Thinking God and Existence


Principle 4: Interconnectedness in a Probabalistic Universe


Everything in existence is interconnected. Anything or anybody, that is, any X, has some effect on everything else or everyone else, though that effect may be negligible and so meaningless. Boundary conditions limit what is possible in a reality or universe by establishing order, stability, coherence, linear time, and continuity in that reality or universe. Truth is conditional and probabilistic and always a function of our boundary conditions and limitations.


The interconnections between one form of existence and another are the pathways by which transformation takes place between the two or more forms. The integrity of each participant form in the process may or may not be maintained. For example, when a person falls in love with another, both people are changed by the experience and yet they remain the same, e.g., their genetics and general personality structure do not change (boundary conditions). However, in killing another person, the transformation destroys the integrity of the person killed, i.e., s/he is no longer alive. The same can be said of physical or biological processes, such as the relationship between the cardio-vascular system and the digestive system, as they both enable the other. However, the lava of a volcanic eruption consumes everything in its path, and the transformation is extreme.

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